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I was brought up to get a good education, get a good job and earn good money. My parents meant well. I got a Law degree, practiced Law for a few years then went on to doing Advisory roles with a Donor agency.

I was an employee for 18 years, my income earning capacity grew with my experience to a point where I was awarded lucrative contracts including 24 hours vehicles usage. Although I did earn a good income, I traded all my week days (and more) for my income. All my personal projects were on hold, I worked overtime to meet deadlines and this took a toll on my health, wellbeing and relationship with my family. I was basically a slave to just get by….to survive.

In July 2020, I quick my job much to the shock of my family. What I did was a first in my family. There were mixed reactions, everyone was happy for me but were concerned about my financial future.

I started hustling to survive and set up a trade store and liquor store in the village. This time a traded good and services for a fee. I now had the choice of how I used my time but I still had to use my time wisely to make money. My businesses cannot survive without my daily input.

It has been more them one year out of full time employment and so I am now looking at opportunities to be a business owner and also earn passive income through investments. I would like to have all my time to myself and let money work for me. Yes, I know it will take time but I cannot wait to get to that stage.

I never regretted once in my life, my choice to leave full time employment. It is a false sense of security that keeps people in full time employment trapped as slaves for time. No matter how much you earn, you hardly have time to invest in yourself unless you stay up late or use you spare time to hustle.

I now have all the time in the world to explore online income earning opportunities and have found some good ones also with the help of other Papua New Guineans which I started investing in.

Life is a journey with it’s own ups and down. I will continue to share my story as I go and hope that I can be able to inspire other Papua New Guineans to seriously get the other side of the quadrant for wealth creation.

Do not settle for less. Start planning to take that bold step to set yourself free for true wealth creation.

Laikim na laikim.

By tizonlinebiz

The purpose of this blog is to share with you all my journey of tapping into digital currencies and online businesses.

I hope that many Papua New Guineans can join me in this journey as we explore online business opportunities.

The blockchain is the new internet and digital currencies is the new money.

See you all on the other side.

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